Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket


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Raimondi Wash Buckets are a quick and easy way to wash grout in a shorter time.

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Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket is a grout cleaning systems that makes cleaning your fresh grout a breeze. This grout cleaning system is designed for removing grout from floors and walls. The 2 rigid rollers with edges on the sides are there to allow you to roll the sponge across it, thus wringing it out. These rollers are placed at a 15° tilt on ware resistant sockets to allow for a more comfortable and natural feel when rolling the sponge. Smart Wash Bucket has a high capacity tank that will reduce the frequent water changes making your job a lot quicker. The Smart Wash Bucket comes with a high load resistant grate that is very light weight and durable.


  • 2 rollers
  • Allows fast and easy cleaning of grout
  • Reduces frequent water changes
  • Many different sponge replacements
  • Keep grout sediment at the bottom of the bucket
  • 15 degree tilt on rollers for an easy more natural pass
  • Increase cleaning time efficiency
  • Can be used on both floor and wall applications
  • Entire set up is light weight with handle for easy transport
  • Grate is made of high resistant plastic to ensure longevity

Included in the Raimondi Smart Wash Bucket:

  • 2 rigid rollers
  • 1 grate
  • 1 yellow sponge WBSY
  • 1 quick snap handle (for the sponge) WBHANDLE