Raimondi Jobsite Wash Bucket


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The Raimondi Wash Bucket systems are designed to make cleaning grout on floors and walls easier than ever before.

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Raimondi Jobsite Wash Bucket by  is designed to make cleaning grout on walls and floors easier than every before. Raimondi Jobsite Wash Buckets are made for cleaning grout on wall and floor applications. This wash bucket has 3 high impact PVC rollers on steel axles directly over bucket to ensure dirty water makes it in the bucket. These rollers are placed on steel axles to reduce the amount of ware over long periods of time. Raimondi Wash Buckets are made of a high impact plastic to ensure a long life. All Raimondi Wash Bucket sponges are interchangeable with many different options. See Raimondi 5″ x 11″ Sponges and Raimondi 7″ x 14″ Sponges for all available replacement wash bucket sponges.


  • 3 rollers
  • Allows fast and easy cleaning of grout
  • Reduces frequent water changes
  • Many different sponge replacements
  • Keep grout sediment at the bottom of the bucket
  • 15 degree tilt on rollers for an easy more natural pass
  • Increase cleaning time efficiency
  • Can be used on both floor and wall applications
  • Entire set up is light weight with handle for easy transport
  • Grate is made of high resistant plastic to ensure longevity

Included in the Raimondi Jobsite Wash Bucket:

  • 1 Replaceable yellow sponge WBSY
  • 1 Replaceable handle WBHANDLE
  • 3 High impact PVC rollers
  • 1 5.3 Gallon bucket