Raimondi Fido Hand Grip


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The Fido Hand grip by Raimondi is a support tool for troweling and setting tile without the strenuous movement. The Fido Hand Grip allows you to support your body over pre-troweled ares without disturbing your thin-set. This tools eases lower back pain and makes toweling thin-set easier than ever before.

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Raimondi Fido Hand Grip is a 4 posted support that allows you to lean into already troweled areas without disturbing your thin-set. This tool allows you to have the proper support you need while troweling. With its ergonomic handle and 4 post design, the Raimondi Fido Hand Grip is easily grip-able and disperses your weight evenly allowing for a solid support. On the end of each support post are rubber caps that are anti-slip and anti-stain. This tool is very useful while laying large format tiles allowing you to spread large quantities of thin-set without disturbing pre-troweled areas. The Fido Hand Grip helps eliminates twisting and strenuous movements of your body to ease lower back pain from setting tile.


  • Helps with leaning over tiled or areas with thin set
  • Helps ease lower back pain when making strenuous movements
  • Rubber caps on each support leg for better traction
  • Helps when spreading large areas of thin set