Racatac Dolly


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Racatac Dolly 0428D is a folding material dolly that increases efficiency and productivity on projects.



Racatac Dolly is a folding material dolly that can be used to hold material like stacks of tile, buckets of thinset or both! The dolly weighs 3.5 lb but can hold up to 320 lb. The dolly moves right along with the user and keeps your material close to you, eliminating the need for getting up and down to retrieve material. This helps to keep the users back and knees healthier. Racatac Dolly 0428D is 11″ x 24″ open.


  • Easy transportation of setting materails
  • Light weight yet strong
  • Can hold up too 320lbs
  • Can be easily stored away
  • 11″ x 24″