Racatac 2 inch Caster 01RAC


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Racatac 2 inch Caster 01RAC allows for easier movement across flat floors without your traditional kneed pad pressure.


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Racatac 2 inch Caster 01RAC does NOT come with a chest support like the 01RACCS and 01RAC3CS. The Racatac 2 inch Caster 01RAC comes with 2 inch caster wheels recommended for flat surfaces such as concrete, tile, hard wood, and vinyl flooring. This model allows you to be closer to the floor for easier grouting, tile application, sealing etc. Unlike kneeling or crouching on your feet to get the job done, the Racatac rolling system helps keep the tense pressure off your back and toes.If  you consider yourself taller than average, this would NOT be the recommended product of its type for you. Please refer to 01RAC3 as it is 1 inch higher off the ground allowing for more foot movement.


  • Height Adjustable Seat – Helps make you more comfortable while rolling around. keeps you at a height that best suits your needs.
  • Knee Pads – Allows you to move more freely without the knee to floor pressure traditional knee pads give you. To make things better, you can wear shorts without worrying about straps.
  • Tool Tray – This will help you roll around the floor while keeping your necessities right below you.