Pearl Blade Roller


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Pearl Blade Roller comes with removable rolling carriage for worm drive saws. Planted on 4 non-marking and non-casting wheels, the Pearl Blade Roller will aid in making long, straight cuts. Can be used in many different applications such as but not limited too granite fab, access cuts in concrete slabs for electric and plumbing, long cuts on plywood, and making relief cuts on concrete. The Blade Roller will increase cutting speed and accuracy. Pearl has nick named this as the “The Original” blade roller since the making of two other styles for both hand grinders and different styles of handheld circular saws. Please see the models of saws this blade roller allows below.


  • This blade roller will aid in increasing cutting speed.
  • Will assist in making straight cuts.
  • Easily increases control and accuracy of cutting.
  • Will fit the following saws: Skil® HD77 & HD77 MAG, Skil® HD5860 (8-1/4″), Makita® Hypoid, Bosch® 1677M.


  • Cutting concrete, granite, plywood, stucco.
  • Making tension relief lines in concrete slab.
  • Creating access cuts in concrete slab for plumbing and electrical
  • Scoring decorative lines in concrete slab
  • Fabricating granite and marble countertops
  • Ripping long straight cuts in plywood
  • Creating cutouts in stucco for windows and doors