Pearl Speed Scraper Hexplate with Super Clutch


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Pearl Speed Scraper Hexplate with Super Clutch is a 15″ Hexplate equipped with (6) #4 carbide chips designed for fast and effective removal of floor coatings. The Speed Scraper Hexplate was manufactured to fit 17″ and 18″ floor grinding machines. The turn to lock hub design allows for the Pearl Speed Scraper Hexplate with Super Clutch to fit most machines of different brands. The Pearl Hexplates are made of solid cast aluminum which is lighter than most metal alternatives while being extremely durable. The fluted base plate design helps with getting better dust control and works especially well with the Pearl Buf-Vac. The Hexpins which hold the #4 carbide chips are spring loaded to ensure maximum floor contact even on uneven surfaces.

Hexplate Features:

  • Designed for use with 17″ or 18″ with 1.5 HP 1,75 RPM machines.
  • Turn lock hub fits most machine brands.
  • Durable, solid cast aluminum base plate, fluted for dust control
  • Spring-loaded tool holders for maximum floor contact
  • Interchangeable tools available for scraping, sanding, grinding, polishing concrete

Carbide Chip Features:

  • Aggressive carbide chip
  • 8 sharp edges
  • For scraping/removing adhesives
  • Can be used on other coating
  • Easily interchangeable

SuperClutch Features:

  • Protects operator from injury,
  • Prevents buffer and jobsite damage, breaking of couplers and shear pins.
  • Super Clutch is self-resetting (no tools or downtime) and can also be disengaged.