Pearl ProV Crack-Chaser


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Pearl ProV Crack-Chaser is designed route, repair, and clean crack in the concrete.



ProV Crack-Chaser by Pearl is designed to grind down, route, and repair cracks in concrete while allowing for easy filling. The Pearl ProV Crack-Chaser easily and quickly sinks into cracks and crevices on concrete. Designed with a diamond matrix that allows for consistent and even wear. Creates a 1/2″ wide, V shaped channel, with 70 degree slopes for easy filling. The Pearl Crack-Chaser can be used in commercial and residential applications that call for any concrete crack repair. The ProV Crack Chaser is not designed to be fitted on any grinder that spins faster than the recommended 13,700 rpm maximum suggested by Pearl Abrasive. This crack repair blade can be easily put on and taken off any appropriate right angle grinder. ProV Crack-Chaser is availble in 4″ diameter with a 5/8″-11 threaded arbor. Can be used wet or dry with right angle grinders.


  • Cleans cracks in concrete for easy filling
  • Easily sinks into concrete cracks and crevices
  • Even wear diamond matrix
  • Creates 1/2″ wide, V shaped channel
  • Channel has 70 degree slopes for easy filling
  • 4″ diameter designed for right angle grinders
  • Can be used wet or dry.


  • Max RPM – 13,700
  • Arbor – 5/8 -11 threaded arbor fits right angle grinders
  • Size – 4″
  • Wet or Dry