Pearl P4 Porcelain Blades


P4 Porcelain Blades are designed for porcelain and many other hard ceramics. These blades produces clean and chip free cuts.



Pearl P4 Porcelain Blades are blades designed for fast and cool cuts. P4 Porcelain Blades have a large 8mm diamond rim to ensure a long lasting life. The segmented diamond rim makes for a clean and minimal chipping cut. Pearl P4 Porcelain Blades are ideal for cutting extra hard ceramics, porcelain and other hard/dense materials such as; porcelain, extra hard tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, granite, hard tile, and hard ceramics. All P4 Porcelain Blades come with a 5/8″ arbor and in 5 different sizes. Sizes 7″ – 10″ are to be used wet only and sizes 4″ – 5″ wet or dry.


  • Designed for fast, cool and clean cuts
  • Segment diamond rim
  • Laser cut segments to help disperse heat and ensure a long lasting life
  • Ideal for cutting hard, dense materials such as porcelain and ceramic
  • Aggressive diamond matrix for longevity
  • Smooth thin kerf for fast and precise cuts
  • Available in 5 sizes 4″ – 10″
  • Standard 5/8″ arbor
  • Can be used wet or dry depending on blade
  • Strong core that helps prevent wobble and deflection


  • 10″ – DTL10HPXL 6,100 MAX RPM
  • 8″ – DTL08HPXL 6,800 MAX RPM
  • 7″ – DTL07HPXL 8,500 MAX RPM
  • 4.5″ – DTL45HPXL 13,300 MAX RPM
  • 4″ – DTL04HPXL 13,700 MAX RPM

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10", 8", 7", 4.5", 4"