Pearl Diamond EZ Pads




Pearl Diamond EZ Pads are diamond pad attachments for the Pearl Abrasive Hexpins on the 15″ Hexplate. EZ Pads are great for light grinding, sanding, and floor preparation over concrete. The Diamond EZ Pads (HEX1EZPAD) can only be attached to the Hexpin Carbide Holder. Each Hexpin that is attached to the Pearl Hexplate features a spring loaded design to help the Diamond EZ Pads work on uneven concrete surfaces. 6 or 12 EZ Pad attachments can be used at one time depending on how many Hexpins your Hexplate contains. Pads are sold individually and are designed to be a long lasting diamond attachment. Diamond EZ Pads are a cost effective attachment for your Hexplate system when sanding, grinding, or preparing your concrete floor. Diamond EZ Pads can be used in wet and dry applications.


  • Cost effective diamond attachment for Hexpin®.
  • Can easily be used with the Hexpin® carbide plate (#HEX17CBD or #HEX17CBDCLT).
  • 6 or 12 EZ pads can be used.
  • Spring mounted pins allow for uneven surfaces.
  • Excellent for sanding, light grinding and floor preparation on concrete.
  • Can be used wet or dry on concrete surfaces.
  • These EZ pads can only be used on carbide holder HEX1CRBH
  • Sold individually