Pearl 15in Hexplate with Super Clutch and 6 EZ Pads


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Pearl 15in Hexplate with Super Clutch and 6 EZ Pads is equipped with the Pearl Super Clutch that will disengage when the EZ Pads hit an obstruction. The Pearl EZ Pads are designed for grinding, light sanding, and floor preparation on concrete surfaces. The spring cusion design on the hexpin attachments allow for the EZ Pads to be used on uneven surfaces. 6 Hexpins and 6 EZ Pads are included with the purchase of the Pearl 15in Hexplate with Super Clutch and 6 EZ Pads. The Super Clutch allows for a safer work environment by eliminating the abruptness of hitting any obstruction in the floor such as bolts. The Super Clutch does not need to be manually reset. Manually torquing the red torque locks inside the Super Clutch could cause the clutch to not disengage when needed. Super Clutch also protects the buffer from damage and buffer coupler from breaking. Torque Locks can be locked into place if there is a problem with the clutch disengaging too often because of the job. Simply loosen the screws holding the torque locks and turn the long end under the toothed slip ring. Do not forget to tight the screws.

Hexplate Features:

  • Designed for use with 17″ or 18″ with 1.5 HP 1,75 RPM machines.
  • Turn lock hub fits most machine brands.
  • Durable, solid cast aluminum base plate, fluted for dust control
  • Spring-loaded tool holders for maximum floor contact
  • Interchangeable tools available for scraping, sanding, grinding, polishing concrete

EZ Pad Features:

  • Comes with 6 Hexpins Carbide Holders (HEX1CRBH) and 6 EZ Pads (HEX1EZPAD)
  • Can be used on uneven surfaces

Super Clutch Features:

  • Protects operator from injury,
  • Prevents buffer and jobsite damage, breaking of couplers and shear pins.
  • Super Clutch is self-resetting (no tools or downtime) and can also be disengaged.

Model: HEX1706EZCLT