Nuheat Mesh 240V


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Nuheat Mesh 240V floor heating is an electric floor heating system best suited for square or rectangular areas. Measuring in at only 3/16″, Nuheat Mesh will add very little to the height of your flooring installation. The Nuheat Mesh 240V heating system can be used for installation under tile, stone, and laminate/engineered wood floors. This floor heating system includes a red heating cable attached to an adhesive-backed red fiberglass mesh that allows for simple roll-out installation and on-site adjustments. Can be controlled using the programmable and non-programmable¬†thermostat options. Available in many different sizes with options in 120V as well. Nuheat mesh can be used in many different areas such as but not limited to: bathrooms, kitchens, cold basement floors, porches and bedrooms. Please follow manufactures installation instructions while using this system and check for any faulty connections prior the Nuheat Mesh installtion. Thermostat is not included in the purchase of this product.


  • 240V heating system
  • Can be used under tile, stone and laminate/engineered woods
  • 3/16″ thickness
  • Adhesive backed mesh for easy installation
  • Easily adjustable for on site adjustments
  • Works with all Nuheat thermostats
  • Available in many different sizes as well as 120V option
  • Thermostat not included

Thermostat not included

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Nuheat Mesh 240V

20" x 9', 20" x 13', 20" x 16', 20" x 21', 20" x 28', 20" x 32', 20" x 39', 20" x 43', 20" x 52', 20" x 55', 20" x 61', 20" x 73', 20" x 82', 20" x 87', 20" x 97', 20" x 102', 20" x 117', 20" x 131', 20" x 147'