Montolit Masterpiuma Push Cutters by Raimondi


Raimondi Push Cutters are professional, accurate, strong, light weight push cutters made of cast aluminum and steel. Each cutter has diagonal cutting capabilities up to 75º.



Montolit Masterpiuma Push Cutters by Raimondi are accurate push cutters made from steel and cast aluminum. The cast aluminum board makes this cutter light, while the solid steel rails provide superior strength with little maintenance. Montolit Masterpiuma Raimondi Push Cutters automatic breaking pad drops down when the handle is raised up, and flips up when scoring the tile. These push cutters are adjustable for thick tiles up to 1″. The breaking foot is scratch resistant and will not disfigure, scratch or destroy delicate glazes. The spring loaded table and foam extension pads provide alternative breaking methods and the proper amount of impact absorption to reduce the amount of broken tiles. Equipped with a rotating 45 degree measuring bar. Available in three sizes.


  • Cast aluminum body for weight savings
  • Steel rail provides incredible strength
  • Non-marking breaker foot
  • Can cut tile up to 1″ thick
  • Spring loaded table with center breaking bar design
  • Offers 45 degree angle cuts
  • Increases speed and accuracy on the job
  • Faster than big wet saws or angle grinders


  • 24″ – 24″ rip cut, 17″ x 17″ diagonal   TCPUSH24
  • 29″ – 29″ rip cut, 21″ x 21″ diagonal   TCPUSH29

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24", 29"