Husqvarna Elite Glass Plus Blades


Husqvarna Superlok Glass Blades are used for fast and chip free cutting. If you want clean cut glass…this is the blade for you.



Husqvarna Elite Glass Plus Blades are high production glass cutting blades. These glass blades are designed for fast, chip-free cutting of glass tiles on wet saws. The Husqvarna Elite Series Glass Blades are a Super Premium rated glass blade with a continuous rim. Husqvarna Elite Series Glass Plus Blades are optimal for cutting glass but can also be used for cutting marble, granite and blue stone and is acceptable for cutting porcelain, dense floor tile and soft ceramic tiles. These blades must be used WET only. Using dry will result in over heating of blade and glass, chipping and cracking of glass,


  • 6″ (542776615)
  • 7″ (542776616)
  • 8″ (542776617)
  • 10″ (542277618)

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Superlok Glass Blades

10", 6", 7", 8"