Husqvarna FLX Trio Blade Pack


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Husqvarna FLX Trio Blade Pack is the perfect solution to a DIY project. Three blades are included for cutting of many hard surface materials from stone to concrete! This trio is a cost-effective way to keep you within your budget!

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Husqvarna FLX Trio Blade Pack are general purpose blades that are excellent for DIY projects. This trio of blades is inexpensive and still gets the job done. Husqvarna FLX Trio Blade Pack includes three 4.5″ diameter blades that can be used to cut tile, brick, blocks and stone. These blades can be used wet or dry depending on your application and needs on your job.

FLX Trio includes:

  • 1- Continuous rim blade for use on tile and natural stone products
  • 1- Turbo style blade for use with concrete, brick and tile products
  • 1- Segmented blade for cutting concrete and brick.

Part: 585740301