GoBoard Curb


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GoBoard Curb is a 2-½” x 3-½” x 48” shower curb, which can be quickly cut with a basic utility knife without crumbling or disintegrating.  Use with GoBoard Wedges and Pro Sealant. See the video below for further information.

For the complete GoBoard and GoBoard Point Drain Shower System Installation Instructions/Technical Data Sheets, which contains detailed instructions, framing, control joint and subfloor/subsurface requirements, limitations and safety & handling information – Visit www.JM.com/GoBoard.


  • Fast install
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to cut and handle
  • Waterproof built-in
  • Size: 3½” H x 2½” W x 48” L
  • Part #90026650


Installing the GoBoard Shower System