DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse

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DeWalt Metal Folding Sawhorse is a robust metal structure that enables a capacity load of 2000 lbs per pair.

The clamping top metal bars allow to clamp on the sawhorse using trigger clamps for sawing and other tasks.

The saw horse 2 X 4 recess’ for lumbers to create job-site table with 2 sawhorses.

The Dewalt Metal Folding Sawhorse has a quick, compact and ergonomic folding design for portability and easy storage.

V-groove notches are designed to allow you to work with pipes and small wood pieces.

Equipped with a flip handle for easy carrying.

Rubber pads located both on the top and legs enable high friction and stability.

Side latches provide optional use to carry 2 sawhorses together.

Part Number: DWST11155

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7", 10"


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