Collomix WK Mixing Paddles




Collomix WK Mixing Paddles are designed with three mixing blades for consistent mixing and force to get tough jobs done quickly and efficiently. Each paddle is made out of high-grade steel with extremely stable welded connections for a long, lasting service life of the paddle. Collomix WK Mixing paddles are designed for positive action mixing (Bottom up). The material is conveyed upwards through the middle of the mixing paddle from the bottom of the bucket and flows down again at the sides. This method should be used for powdery and dry mixtures such as mortar, plaster, grout, cement, and quartz- and pebble-filled materials. The Collomix WK Mixing Paddles mixing paddle works into the mixing material easily. WK paddles are suited to hand mixers and drilling machines.
  • Hexagonal 13 mm shaft for the HEXAFIX System
  • Hexagonal 8 and 10 mm shafts for drilling systems
  • The continuous guard ring guarantees smooth and safe rotating of your mixing paddle while protecting your mixing bucket at the same time
  • WK Mixing Paddles are the universal model for tile adhesive, mortar, plaster and fillers
Ideal for mixing: 
  • Concrete
  • Screed
  • Tile Adhesives
  • Epoxy-resin sand
  • Gypsum plaster
  • Fibrated mortar
  • Smoothing cement

Paddle for Xo Handmixer Type:

  • WK 120 HF for Xo 1 HF 15 – 25 Litres 120 mm HEXAFIX®
  • WK 140 HF for Xo 4 HF 25 – 35 Litres 135 mm HEXAFIX®


Additional information

WK Models:

WK 120 HF, WK 140 HF