Alpha Tools Vortex Blades




Alpha Tools Vortex Blades are available in two types of blades. The Vortex FCM50AH is specifically designed for cutting marble and softer stones. The Vortex FCD40AH & FCD50AH is specifically designed for cutting granite. Both types of the Vortex blades have an advanced electroplated bond which outperforms any other blade when cutting softer grades of natural stone. The dual side protection segments improve the strength and durability while flush cutting. Together with the quad adapter, these blade are designed to fit on most high-speed angle grinders.


  • Requires Quad Drive to fit high-speed angle grinder
  • Specially designed for flush cutting
  • Stone fabricator’s choice
  • Chip-free cutting on most demanding applications
  • FCD40AH and FCD50AH is perfect for granite and engineered stone
  • Duo Trak Blade as a multi-purpose blade to be used in a variety of applications
  • Side protection segments help cutting straight
  • FCM50AH is specially designed for marble and limestone – wet or dry cutting

Size and Specifications:

  • 4″ Granite – 2.5mm thick – 14,500 max RPM – 20mm Quad Drive arbor
  • 5″ Granite – 2.5mm thick – 12,200 max RPM – 20mm Quad Drive arbor
  • 5″ Marble – 1.6mm thick – 12,200 max RPM – 20mm Quad Drive arbor


Using the Vortex for Granite Blade

Additional information


Granite – 4", Granite – 5", Marble – 5"