Alpha Tools Scratch Removal Kit


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Alpha Tools Scratch Removal Kit comes with everything you need for scratch removal and seam polishing in the field. VSP-320’s are polishers built with a heavy-duty gear system that includes the step-down transmission and a bevel and pinion gear to produce the variable speed range of 700 to 2,500 rpm. Equipped with a high-tech machine center, all parts are precision-machined to reduce noise and vibration during use. The spindle is coated to reduce friction extending the life of the oil seals. The Hybrid Kink/Memory-Free Water Hose helps make movement around larger slabs easy. The water hose comes with a garden hose adapter that makes connecting and disconnecting from your water source a breeze. The Variable Speed Wet Polishers come with a standard C-handle for torque-oriented applications such as profiling and core drilling, and a standard side handle for general edge polishing applications. The adjustable splash guard and ventilation cap minimize water getting inside the motor housing. The Turboshine discs are used to polish the flat surface without the wavy finish caused by most flexible polishing discs. See below for what is included in the Alpha Tools Scratch Removal Kit.


  • Scratch removal and seam polishing in the field
  • Polishes flat surfaces without the wavy finish
  • Comes with a c-handle designed to improve stability
  • Has everything you need for the proper scratch removal technique
  • One Year Tool Warranty* (*See manual for details)


  • VSP-320 Variable Speed Wet Polisher
  • Turboshine Rigid #100 (TSR30100R) – 1
  • Turboshine Rigid #200 (TSR30200R) – 1
  • Turboshine Rigid #500 (TSR30500R) – 1
  • Turboshine Rigid #1000 (TSR31000R) – 1
  • Turboshine Rigid #2000 (TSR32000R) – 1
  • Turboshine Rigid #3000 (TSR33000R) – 1
  • Turboshine Rigid #Buff (TSR3BLACK) – 1
  • Dual Adapter System 5/8″-11 (DAS35/8PD)
  • Waterproof Apron-Sleeveless (APRON2000)
  • VSP-320 Standard Accessories


  • VSP-320
  • 120V
  • 7.0A
  • 800W
  • 500-2,500 Variable RPM (no load)
  • 7.3 lbs
  • 5/8″-11 spindle
  • single phase AC 50/60Hz
  • 15ft power cord
  • 4″ max disc/blade size