Alpha Tools HVAC G-Tape


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Alpha Tools HVAC G-Tape is designed for HVAC and insulation applications. This tape is a single-sided tape built with a HDPE cloth laminated with LDPE/aluminum foil and proprietary acrylic adhesive. It provides superior physical properties and easy handling as compared with conventional adhesive tapes. One of the best features is the ability to have face-to-face contact on the adhesive sides and then separate cleanly. This avoids the waste and makes handing a breeze. Alpha Tools HVAC G-Tape complies with ASTM E84 (UL723) : Class 1, Flame Spread Index 0, Smoke Developed Index 0. All G-Tape products are waterproof, highly weather and UV resistant, and good for use in temperatures of -40°F to 200°F. Alpha Tools G-Tape is designed to be easy to tear and tear in straight lines.


  • Perfect for seaming and splicing tape for insulation and HVAC
  • Designed for easy and straight hand tearing
  • Residue free removal
  • Repositionable with the same adhesion strength
  • Highly water resistant
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used in all weather from -40°F to 200°F
  • Face-to-face contact on adhesive side comes off clean
  • Safer tape as edge is not as sharp as aluminum foil
  • Complies with ASTM E84 (UL723) : Class 1, Flame Spread Index 0, Smoke Developed Index 0
  • Available as a single rolls of 2″ x 82′
  • See data sheet for all properties