Alpha Tools Gloss Checker


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Alpha Tools Gloss Checker is a  portable gloss meter measures the reflective index of light. The handy tool enables quick, accurate measurements of gloss on flat, polished surfaces. This allows the service provider to ensure quality control and set a quality standard for floor restoration and fabrication work. It also allows the service provider to demonstrate before and after results. It can also be used to indicate grit changes during the polishing process. The Alpha Tools Gloss Checker features a detachable meter that enables access to areas commonly difficult to reach. This useful tool can also be used in other industries that require accurate measurements of flat polished surfaces. The Alpha Gloss Checker includes a protective case for storage as well as an in depth operator manual.


  • Portable Gloss Meter that is Designed to Measure the Reflective Index of Light
  • Enables Quick, Accurate Measurements of Gloss on Flat, Polished Surfaces
  • Ensures Quality Control and Assists Setting Standards
  • Detachable Meter for Difficult to Reach Areas
  • Great for Demonstrating Before and After Results
  • Can Be Used Across Multiple Industries
  • Includes a Protective Case to Keep Safe in Storage
  • Comes with an in Depth Operators Manual