Alpha Tools Dust Carriage and Bag for Ecocutter


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Alpha Tools Dust Carriage and Bag for the Ecocutter collects dust easily with the carriage holding the dust bag while attached to the ECC-125 Ecocutter. The front swivel wheels allows for easy maneuvering when working on flat services. The dust bag is easily secured to the dust carriage by tying the bag to the supports.


  • A Support to Hold the Dust Bag when Cutting or Grinding
  • Conveniently Pulls Behind the Tool
  • Front Swivel Wheels Allows for Easy Maneuvering
  • Dust Bag is Easily Secured to the Dust Carriage with Ties
  • Recommended for Flat Surfaces
  • Carriage includes Dust Bag or Purchase Dust Bag Separately
  • Use with the ECC-125 Ecocutter


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Steel Carriage & Bag, Dust Bag