Alpha Tools Countertop Trim Kits




Alpha Tools Countertop Trim Kits are for working with pre-fabricated countertops or when you have the need to trim stone for a custom fit. Alpha Tools ESC-125 and ESC-225 use a 5″ blade to cut tile and stone with precision and will remove slurry from the cutting line ahead of the stone cutter. Easily cut thick granite, quartz surfaces, marble, limestone, concrete, and sintered slabs using a standard 110 volt, 15 amp circuit. Built in water jets cool the cutting edge with the aluminum manifold system making blades last longer and cuts much smoother. The Hybrid Kink/Memory-Free Water Hose helps make movement around larger slabs easy. The water hose has a built in quick disconnect garden hose adapter that makes connecting and disconnecting from your water source a breeze. The Alpha Tools Wet/Dry Stone 5″ Cutters power cord bundles up into an EasyOn-EasyOff Sleeve along with the Hybrid Kink/Memory-Free Water Hose. Both ESC-125 and ESC-225 come with clamping levers for height adjustments for deep cuts with stability. See what is included in the Alpha Tools Countertop Trim Kits below.


  • Recommended for Hard Surfaces
  • Eclipse II Blade has 8mm Tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life
  • Perfect for your Stone Tile Application
  • High-End General Purpose Turbo Blade for Stone Fabricators
  • Consistent Performance without Chipping
  • Kit Contains: Stone Cutter, 5” Carriage Assembly, 5” Eclipse II Blade and 4’ Guide Rail
  • One Year Tool Warranty* (*See 125manual or 225manual for details)
  • Available with the ESC-125 – 110 volt or the ESC-225 – 220 volt Stone Cutter


  • ESC-125 or ESC-225
  • 5″ Carriage Assembly (ASC-5CSM)
  • 5″ Alpha Eclipse II Blade
  • 4′ Guide Rail (ASC-GR04)
  • ESC-125 or 225 standard accessories


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ESC-125, ESC-225