Alpha Tools Advantage Metal Lippage Discs




Alpha Tools Advantage Metal Lippage Discs are designed specifically for removing floor lippage.  Advantage Lippage Discs consist of a group of metal bonded pellets imbedded in a resin compound that contains a sub-abrasive grit on a rigid pad. The resin compound prevents pellet loss and chipping of the stone. The sub-abrasive in the resin compound keeps the metal bonded pellets sharp for consistent performance. Designed for use on the AFP-300’s 17” driver pad, a minimum of 3 discs for each grit are required for the system although as many as 6 can be used for best results. Wet use with the hook and loop back make the application easy. Available in 2 grits, 60 & 150, these discs are the best discs for removing lippage and making the floor completely flat.


  • Removal of Lippage for Floor Restoration
  • Aggressive Metal Bond Diamond Discs
  • The Rigid Pad Consists of Metal Bonded Pellets Imbedded in a Resin Compound Containing a Sub-Abrasive Grit
  • Sub-Abrasive Resin Compound Prevents Pellet Loss and Chipping of the Stone
  • 3-1/2” Discs are Hook and Loop Backed for Easy Application
  • Available in Grits of #60 and #150

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60, 150