Alpha Tools Long-Sleeved Waterproof Apron




Alpha Tools Long-Sleeved Waterproof Apron is a must for contractors working in very messy job sites.


  • Waterproof
  • Bright Neon Yellow
  • Wet or Dry Environments
  • Protects From Dust, Water and Other Chemicals Such As Polishing Slurry
  • Light Weight
  • Dual-Adjustable Clips
  • Rubber Cuffs for Full Coverage


  • Large – 55″L x 60″ W – APRON2LSR
  • Small – 42″L x 41″ W – APRON2LSS


Alpha doesn’t recommend washing an apron in a washing machine. Since the apron has a waterproof coating, most of the water would be repelled. If dirt remains on the surface, flush with water to remove.

To shorten the sleeves, you can fold the rubber cuff flat then slice with a sharp razor blade along with a straight edge. There are a few cut lines on the cuff with the indication of sizes. To avoid poor edges, cut both layers at one time without stopping.

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