Alpha Tools 5″ Guide Rail Carriage Assembly


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Alpha Tools 5” Guide Rail Carriage Assembly is designed for the ESC-125 Wet/Dry Stone Cutter only. Just remove the TT Guide from the base plate of the Stone Cutter, then use the same holding mechanism to attach the Stone Cutter to the Carriage, making it a fast and easy installation. This system allows you to cut straight only. If you have two sets (Stone Cutter & Carriage Assembly) setup in each direction on the same guide rail, you can cut a V and the edges would be ready for lamination.


  • High-Quality Straight Edges Constructed of Sturdy Cast Aluminum
  • Perform Cuts That Are Straight and True, Time After Time
  • Must-Have Accessory for Wet/Dry Stone Cutters and Beveling Auxiliary Base
  • Complete System Makes Precision Cutting Fast and Easy
  • Perfect for Miter Cutting for Laminated Waterfall Edge
  • Use with ESC-125